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Ristorante San Baylon - Le Levain's boulangerie pâtisserie: a joy for the eyes and the palate 1
Le Levain's boulangerie pâtisserie: a joy for the eyes and the palate

The gaze of those who find themselves entering the main hall of San Baylon Restaurant is immediately enraptured and captivated by a showcase of wonders: the scenic open pastry workshop. Guests are welcomed and enveloped by the industriousness of the skilled gestures of the pastry-chef who, with the advice of Giuseppe Solfrizzi of Le Levain, creates "sweet but not too sweet" delicacies for San Baylon and Piazzetta Ripetta within the walls of Palazzo Ripetta.


Mille foglie vaniglia e caramello in preparazione, Ph. Andrea di Lorenzo


Between culinary art and alchemy, gluttony and curiosity are tantalized by the leavening, baking, pastry and savory delicacies taking shape in the chefs' hands. Variations of zabaglione in honor of St. Baylon, as well as delicacies in single-portion format for the bistro at Piazzetta Ripetta and mouth-watering cicchetti designed to match the Baylon Cocktail Bar's drink list: the workshop at San Baylon Restaurant offers a special opportunity to admire the art of preparation, with care, passion and gluttony.


Mille foglie vaniglia e caramello, Ph. Andrea di Lorenzo


Le Levain for San Baylon: pastry and hospitality for a collaboration of taste and style.

French pastry in Rome has only one home: Le Le Levain, the realm of pastry chef Giuseppe Solfrizzi, a student of Ducasse and a lover of the art of boulangerie pâtisserie without forgetting his own roots. Le Levain is not just a fragrant, mouth-watering retreat in Trastevere but a pastry philosophy that stands on its own, starting with the name, which means mother yeast. Le Levain is genuineness, research and tradition, with respectful and elegant contaminations between Italian and French mastery.

With Giuseppe Solfrizzi and the chefs of San Baylon, the taste of Le Levain arrives in the center of Rome and dialogues with the style of Palazzo Ripetta. Here the pastry chefs sign not only the restaurant's dessert menu but also savory delights, in a mix of tradition and nonconformism.


Tartelletta di fragole e finocchio, Ph. Andrea di Lorenzo


Sweet but not too sweet: taste is about balance.

San Baylon's pastry chef is very clear: ingredients must be enhanced, avoiding inhibiting their flavors and palate pleasure with excess sugar. In addition to selected and quality raw materials, harmony and balance are equally important ingredients for each of the six plate desserts offered by San Baylon. Italian and French traditions, the two genuine and mouth-watering souls of Le Levain, meet in a proposal that surprises while remaining faithful to classic recipes. As in the case of the zabaglione mousse that embellishes the Tiramisu, prepared with classic ladyfingers soaked in sugar-free coffee and a quenelle of mascarpone ice cream.


Pavlova Passion Fruit e Mango | Ph. Andrea di Lorenzo


Another mouth-watering and illustrious example is the very fluffy Baba, served whole and already moistened with its citrus bagna, accompanied by an unexpected Muscovado sugar Chantilly cream along with a small alcoholic drink mixed ad hoc by Baylon Cocktail Bar Manager. Or, again, the Profiterole that becomes an explosion of pure chocolate and the Mont Blanc with its gel-filled meringue and marron mousseline, topped with chantilly and marron noodles. Finally, Solfrizzi trespasses with an exotic take on Pavlova and Burn Cheesecake, the signature Basque cheesecake. A joy for gluttons and taste-balancers.