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Ristorante San Baylon - History, memory and culture in the heart of Rome: the art of Palazzo Ripetta 1
History, memory and culture in the heart of Rome: the art of Palazzo Ripetta

It was 1672 when the doors of an original architectural complex opened at 231 Via di Ripetta, intended to house the young women of the Conservatory of Divine Providence and St. Pasquale Baylon and to observe the historical events of the city of Rome from a special position. Today, Palazzo Ripetta continues the vocation for hospitality of its origins, with its rooms designed to offer unique experiences to those who stay in the hotel rooms, those who explore the mouth-watering and refined menu of San Baylon Restaurant, those who relax for a lunch break or an aperitif in Piazzetta Ripetta, and lovers of contemporary mixology discovering Baylon Cocktail Bar.



Palazzo Ripetta, Ph. Janos Grapow


The charm, culture and history of Rome enclosed in Palazzo Ripetta

Palazzo Ripetta stands between Piazza del Popolo and Piazza di Spagna, in the heart of the Roman Trident. An elegant and essential architectural complex that in 1672 took in poor and honest maidens to "remove them from the danger of the world and preserve their modesty, as long as the opportunity was found to marry them or to monk them” this is how the Conservatory of Divine Providence was born, in 1828 expanded with the Conservatory of St. Paschal Baylon whose testimonies that have come down to us can be seen in the original arrangement of the walls in the second room of San Baylon Restaurant, where photographs, documents and letters tell the many stories that have written the history of the Palace, up to the 1950s.


Pannelli retroilluminati in San Baylon Ristorante | Ph. Paola Ledderucci


Art and hospitality: the soul of Palazzo Ripetta

Luigi Moretti, one of the most important Italian architects of the 20th century, restored the complex in the early 1960s, transforming it into a welcoming hotel in the center of one of Rome's oldest streets, Via di Ripetta. Here, in an area full of art galleries, ateliers and artisan workshops, among the walls that still show the ancient frescoes that tell the story of the Palazzo, such as the one by Giacomo Trigia in the Residenza's Salone Bernini

, today we can also admire the works of art from the property's private collection. Thus we find at the hotel's entrance the iconic Sfera by Arnaldo Pomodoro, on the first floor works by Burri and Scialoja, sculptures by Sinisca, Lorenzetti and Liberatore, to name a few.


Il Trionfo della Divina Provvidenza, Giacomo Triga. Sala Bernini, Palazzo Ripetta