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Ristorante San Baylon - Lightness and well-being at the table to regenerate at San Baylon 1
Lightness and well-being at the table to regenerate at San Baylon

Lightness at the table: wellbeing of body and mind 


The ancients knew it, Juvenal summed it up, we confirm it today: mens sana in corpore sano. The health and well-being of our mind, of ourselves, depends to a large extent on the state of our body. And this applies not only to the important physical activity, but also and above all to nutrition: what we decide to give our body to nourish and regenerate itself. This is where cooking is revealed in its vital importance: it is important to satiate oneself, it is pleasant to do so with taste, and it is essential to do so with care. Ingredients and preparations therefore make a difference in the quality of the dishes we consume and consequently in the benefit we derive from them. Well-being and lightness at the table correspond to well-being and lightness for our minds: a clear and present concept in the cuisine of Executive Chef Marco Ciccotelli at San Baylon.



The decision to vary the menu with the changing seasons stems from the need of the Executive Chef to offer his guests genuine products and preparations that are fresh and tasty. Tastes and flavours of the Italian and Roman tradition are reinterpreted in a contemporary key to lighten their most marked traits without distorting their identity. The recipes of mothers and grandmothers are repeated, respecting the gestures and ingredients but remodelling their character where necessary to provide an enveloping but not intrusive taste experience. The aim is to bring to the table dishes that welcome and comfort with their more familiar and gluttonous side but that at the same time consider the importance of lightness to enjoy the pleasures of the table to the fullest.



San Baylon's current seasonal offering responds to the need of regenerate and recharge. Thus, the menu features seasonal ingredients and dished highly appreciated such as the Grouper fish with fresh tomato and cucumber extract which takes you to the heart of the Mediterranean in every bite. For lovers of fresh, woodland atmospheres, on the other hand, the energy recharge comes with the White asparagus risotto and 120 months ages parmesan cheese, decisive ingredients that come together in suave harmony. Or, again, well-being and lightness are assured with the Seabass, potatoes millfoil, green beans and watercress salad. These are just a few, delicious examples of the proposals of a menu all to be discovered and savoured.