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Ristorante San Baylon - San Baylon Ristorante's summer menu 1
San Baylon Ristorante's summer menu

July has undoubtedly and without delay brought summer back to the city, and San Baylon captures its best cravings and flavors. Thus inaugurates the new summer menu, designed by Executive Chef Marco Ciccotelli to satisfy the curiosity and appetites of those still in Rome or those who decide to spend the warmer months there to enjoy the essence of its beauty and expressions. San Baylon's menu confirms the certainties of Roman and Italian tradition that have endeared guests to it; it makes variations on beloved dishes to adapt them to the seasonality of raw materials and tastes; it surprises with unusual ingredients and combinations.




Presentation and welcome at San Baylon's, the appetizers welcome guests immediately tell of the chef's philosophy and cuisine. Also on the summer menu we find Veal with tuna sauce and its giardiniera, Il mio cacio e ova, Beef Tartare, Tartlet of zucchini scapece and gorgonzola, and the majestic Burrata with its Mediterranean flavors. But there is no shortage of novelties that taste of summer and take one's mind and palate to sail to seas near and far: Ricciola Crudo, Tuna with Tomato and Peach Gazpacho, and Squid Skewers make their debut in the dining room.



First courses

They satiate, satisfy and delight: pasta dishes comfort taste and spirit by accompanying in the Italian kitchens of yesteryear, learning from traditional and familiar recipes and innovating with discreet touches that respect personality and seasonality. In the summer menu we find homemade pasta such as Chitarra tirata con "lu carrature" and rigatoni; ancient ingredients such as buffalo mozzarella and baked tomatoes and unexpected touches such as sea asparagus and candied lemon; proposals created with gifts from the sea and the woods, with shellfish and chanterelle mushrooms. For all refined palates.




Main dishes and the grill

Le preparazioni dello Chef Marco Ciccotelli sono accomunate da tre elementi fondamentali: ricerca, selezione, interpretazione. La ricerca di storie, usanze e tradizioni culinarie italiane. La selezione di ingredienti di stagione, locali e genuini. L’interpretazione delle ricette antiche, rispettandole e allo stesso tempo innovandole con il suo tocco gentile. I secondi piatti del menu estivo di San Baylon ben esprimono questa filosofia, con proposte di pesce, carne e contorni che sanno di tradizione ed esplorano l’innovazione negli abbinamenti, nelle cotture e nelle preparazioni.