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Ristorante San Baylon - Tales and flavors of the Italian tradition: the cuisine of Marco Ciccotelli, Executive Chef. 1
Tales and flavors of the Italian tradition: the cuisine of Marco Ciccotelli, Executive Chef.

A cuisine that looks to the past, celebrating the ancient and tasty recipes of Italian and family traditions. A cuisine that looks to the present, employing seasonal and local raw materials, supplied by small producers from Lazio and Italy, masters of taste. And, again, a cuisine that looks to the future, researching and experimenting with innovative methods and technologies for perfect preparations and cooking. Sustainable, refined and mouth-watering: this is the cuisine of San Baylon Restaurant led by Marco Ciccotelli, who landed at San Baylon Restaurant with his deep knowledge of Italian (and Abruzzese, true to his roots) culinary tradition and luxury catering, thanks to his long experience between starred kitchens and luxury cuisine d'hôtel.



Executive Chef Marco Ciccotelli, Ph. Andrea Di Lorenzo


Typical products and noble preparation and cooking techniques: the passion of Marco Ciccotelli Chef


Marco Ciccotelli's curiosity for the world of cooking was ignited as early as his studies, when attending the Hotelier Institute in Pescara did not satisfy his hunger for knowledge and experience and pushed him to work as a pizzaiolo on weekends: "There I began to know the raw materials in depth and to learn the craft in the field, I remember that I could even understand what temperature was reached by the wood-burning oven by just looking at the color of the bricks." It was only the beginning: there followed the formative experience in the heart of the Maiella, in a restaurant now 1 Michelin star, and then the beginning of a long journey into luxury hospitality, starting with historic starred restaurants in the Eternal City. Ciccotelli's philosophy in the kitchen is based on essentiality: impeccable flavors, respect for traditional ingredients, research of the most sophisticated cooking techniques.


Lavorazione della pasta, Ph. Andrea Di Lorenzo


San Baylon's menu: tradition, research and Romanity


San Baylon's menu offers traditional Italian dishes and homages to signature Romanity, surprising with preparations and cooking techniques that enhance ancient recipes. Rome is celebrated with the chef's version of the Carciofo alla Romana: skillful exaltation of the raw material and enjoyable scarpetta with the soft whipped sauce. You cannot miss the Rigatone Cacio e pepe, with pecorino cheese from Lazio Dop and fresh, spicy sarawak pepper. Or the Baccalà, cooked at a low temperature and served with a chickpea and peperone crusco emulsion, pan-fried with oil and garlic as the Chef's mother teaches. And finally, the Scaled and Breaded Lamb Chops in a pistachio and mustard crust, accompanied by a creamy broccoletto and a heart of rosemary and thyme fondant potato.


Rigatone senatore cappelli bio cacio e pepe di sarawak, Ph. Andrea Di Lorenzo


That's to talk about the mouthwatering dishes that pay homage to Romanity, but the menu, which offers 8 appetizers, 5 first courses (also available gluten-free upon request), 5 second courses and a selection of grilled meat, fish and vegetables, holds surprises that come from the oldest flavors of Italy mixed with the Chef's personal passions, such as handmade egg pasta pulled with lu carrature abruzzese; truffles selected by Alissia and Dalila Alimenti; the virtuous aquaponics crops of The Circle; or "Cacio e Ova," with the typical Abruzzo pallotte.


Il mio “cacio e ova”, Ph. Andrea Di Lorenzo